Smithdish Architecture

Wilson County Farmhouse

In 2014, Phase II of the Wilson County master plan entered the design phase.  The barn had provided a compact retreat for the client, but now he was ready to entertain the idea of living on the land for longer spells.  It was time for the farmhouse.  Comfort was a priority, charm and nostalgia were key players in the design process, and budget was a constant topic of discussion. The result of several sketches led to a “square” floorplan, focused on a welcoming entry via a large screened porch with glancing views of the pavilion. The porch leads to the heart of the house: a continuous great room and kitchen with views to the orchards.  Three bedrooms with en suite baths are pushed to the corners, and the last of the house corners is reserved for the client’s own breakfast porch, entry, and mudroom.  A square building creates many efficiencies in terms of materials and energy usage.  To ensure daylight is adequate and balanced in the heart of the house, a north-facing roof dormer and light well are designed over the great room.

gc: tray new construction, PHOTOGRAPHY: COREY LEAMON